Loading/Discharge Surveys

Surveyors may be required to attend at the loading or discharge of general or refrigerated cargoes, either from a conventional ship's hold, ro-ro vessels or containers. They also to advise on the stowage and securing of the cargo or to determine damage. In some instances they are there merely to observe and report on the procedures and operations being carried out.

Damage Surveys

Damaged cargo is surveyed to establish the cause and extent of the damage and to minimise any further loss or damage. The surveyor will make recommendations as the best course of action to be taken with regard to the particular commodity. It is therefore essential that the surveyor is familiar with the cargo in order to provide advice on the best method of minimising the loss or damage.
Damage surveys are also undertaken for insurance or cargo interests, in order to establish the cause of a loss or damage.

Container Damage

It is general practice nowadays that all containers being returned empty to the container depot are to be inspected for damage and general condition. Repairs, if required, are detailed and quoted according to accepted international criteria. Surveys for cleanliness are also carried out prior to the packing of food stuffs into containers.

On and off-hire surveys are carried out whenever leased containers move in or out of a depot. The contract the user has with the leasing company also determines the costs borne by each party in repairing or cleaning the container. It is therefore important that the surveyor takes careful note of the damage so that the cost of repairs maybe allocated correctly.

Loading & Discharging of Oils and Chemicals

The surveyor acts as an independent body during the custody transfer of oils and chemicals. The surveyors’ role is to monitor product transfer operations including the loading from shore to vessel, discharge from vessel to shore and road tanker and tank container loadings or discharges.

The surveyor often acts for both parties involved in the transfer so they must be competent, experienced and act with integrity to ensure that the operation proceeds smoothly and to everybody's satisfaction.

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