Membership fees are invoiced on an annual basis (pro-rata fees are calculated from July 1 each year)

Full Membership is $400 + GST per year = total $440

Associate Membership is $350 + GST = total $385

Probationary Membership is $150+ GST = total $165

Student Membership is included in the student course fees and is valid for 12 months from the date of approval

There is an application fee of $90 for Full and Associate Membership applications.

Note; The application fee is a one off fee and covers the costs of assessing and verifying your information for approval and is non-refundable.

Step 1 - Click here to fill in the online application

Step 2 - Click here to upload your CV (mandatory), evidence of qualifications and Master's documentation (if applicable). The types of evidence and documents for each category of survey can be found here EVIDENCE CHECKLIST MEMBERSHIP 1.pdf

Step 3 - You can pay your application fee on line or request an invoice to be forwarded to you. An invoice for your membership fees will be emailed to you when your application has been approved. 

You will receive log in information so you can view the status of your application online.

You will be sent confirmation details once your required documentation and payment has been received, and your application has been processed.


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