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AMSA today forwarded a letter outlining their response to several complaints raised by the AIMS over the past few months regarding AMSA accredited surveyors misrepresenting their accreditation or using misleading advertising. 

AIMS has received complaints from shippers and members advising that some AMSA accredited surveyors are engaging in misleading practices. Shippers advise that they are confused as to whether the surveyor is an AMSA PSC surveyor and whether the scheduled survey is actually being carried out on behalf of AMSA.

AMSA do not outsource PSC inspections to private surveyors and shippers and AIMS members should note that AMSA accredited surveyors are not accredited to carry out PSC or Flag State Inspections. They are only accredited to carry out statutory surveys for domestic commercial vessels under 35 metres.

A copy of the AMSA response can be downloaded here


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