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Role of a board member

The board is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of the company. The board and the Manager should aim to work in close cooperation, with the Manager being a vital link to the achievement of the board’s objectives.

Specific responsibilities of the board for the organisation include:

• Mapping its strategic direction
• Monitoring the attainment of its strategies and objectives
• Monitoring the operational and financial position
• Approving operational and project budgets and business plans
• Appoint and where appropriate, remove the Manager
• Oversee the performance of the Manager including renumeration
• Ensure appropriate and timely reporting and lodgement of documents and financial reports in accordance with regulatory requirements
• Plan for sound succession planning

Who would make a good board member?

Someone who would be a good fit for a board member would be:

• Committed to attending board meetings (generally 6-8 per year (online) plus the yearly AGM)
• Willing to prepare and/or follow up between meetings where required
• Able to contribute to the strategy and planning of the organisation
• Willing to support the Manager in achievement of strategies and objectives
• Able to show leadership on all matters related to the work of the AIMS
• Willing to serve with integrity, confidentiality, independence, and responsibility

About AIMS
The largest industry body in the Australasian region for professional marine surveyors. Established 1986.
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