In 1985 a small group of marine surveyors who were engaged in private commercial practice were concerned about the standards of marine surveying. They met with a view to establishing an Association that could identify and establish professional standards for surveyors and encourage the continual development of the surveying industry.

It was also seen as important that an Association would be able to represent surveyors who met these high standards and promote the use and employment of professional surveyors with federal and state government maritime authorities and large maritime organisations. 

This group together developed an establishment plan and in 1986 The Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors (A.l.M.S) was fully established and its objectives were focused on:

  • Establishing, promoting and maintaining the specialised discipline of marine surveying
  • Providing and supporting a code of conduct and ethics allied to the values of integrity, responsibility and service
  • Seeking approval and recognition by governmental, professional and industrial institutions on the basis of demonstrated knowledge and skills
  • Providing a body of knowledge, arrived at from lengthy periods of theoretical training, in conjunction with practical experience

There were 56 founder members and there are still 13 members today who joined in 1986. 

Today AIMS is the peak industry body for surveyors in our region and many of our Members have worked for more than twenty-five years in their profession. Our membership promotes and encourages talent, integrity and excellence in all that they do as surveyors and all that we do as an Association. 

With over 400 members in 2016 AIMS now represents more than 80% of the commercial marine surveyors in Australia and has members in all States and Territories and in most of our ports.  

AIMS also has members in New Zealand, the Asia and South Pacific regions as well as other overseas countries. 

The Institute is governed by a Council, elected from the members. 

The Council consists of the Executive Committee and a Representative from each state. 

The Executive Committee, made up of the President, Vice President and Secretary is responsible for the implementation of policy and the daily operation of the Institute. 

The Executive is supported by the Chief Executive Officer, Legal Counsel and an Accountant.

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