John Holden

John is the Managing Director of Seaweigh Pty Ltd a marine survey and consultancy company with over 20 years experience as a marine surveyor.  John started his maritime career as a ship builder and holds an Advanced Diploma in Marine Surveying.

John became a member of AIMS in 2009 and was elected as Vice President in 2013.  John has been a vital contributor to the Executive team over the past 8 years, becoming the Chairman of the Board in 2021. 

As Chairman, John is responsible for the development and oversight of strategic direction, succession planning and sound business operations in conjunction with the Board and CEO.

Vice Chair

Scott Aiton

Scott is the Director of Gibson, Minto and Aiton Marine Consultancy, with over 20 years experience as a Marine Surveyor.  Prior to this Scott began his seagoing career with BHP Transport before moving into tugs working as a tug master in the ports of Newcastle, Sydney, Port Botany and Port Kembla.  

Scott has been a member of AIMS since 2003, following in his father Neil's footsteps who is one of the founding members of AIMS

As Vice-Chairman, Scott will support the Chairman in his duties including stepping in on occasion where the Chairman is unable to fulfill his role.


Andrew Graver

Andrew is a Director of Hunter Marine Surveyors in NSW and holds a Master Class 1 (Unlimited) qualification. He is a past Executive Treasurer and State Representative for NSW.

Andrew is a firm supporter of the AIMS education arm and sits on the Education and Training subcommittee with the CEO. His commitment to training extends to Hunter Marine Surveyors workplace and he has personally sponsored most of his current employees in their enrolment in AIMS training courses.

As Secretary his role is to monitor the compliance of all board activities and processes in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer. 


Peter Murday

Peter began his career as a marine surveyor in 1986 following many years as a Master Mariner holding a Master Class 1 (Unlimited) qualification. Peter is the Managing Director of MCC Marine in Brisbane and has been a member of AIMS since 1992. 

Peter was the Queensland State representative from 2006 to 2011 followed by Vice President until 2013 at which time he was elected President, as position he held for 8 years. In 2021 Peter became the first Chairman of the Board with AIMS corporate restructure, later retiring his position in November 2021.

Peter has made substantial contributions to AIMS success over his many years of service, working closely with the CEO to grow and enhance membership, raise the profile of AIMS within the industry and working tirelessly to uphold high industry standards and professional practice.


Abdur Razzak Syed

Razzak is the Managing Director of Australian Marine Surveys, with over 25 years experience as a Marine Surveyor, joining AIMS in 2000.  Prior to coming ashore Razzak had 16 years seagoing experience and holds a Master Class 1 (Unlimited).  

Razzak's experience of the industry is diverse, spanning many different sectors and specialities and he is well known throughout the industry for his broad range  of skills and extensive knowledge of the industry.

Razzak brings with him all of his experience as well as his expansive relationships gained over many years within the industry to contribute to the continuing success of the AIMS and the Marine Survey industry.


Greg Marsden

Greg has been a marine surveyor for over 5 years prior to this working within the defence industry, experience that has trained him in the art of strategic and critical thinking.  Greg is the director of Marsden Marine in Wellington, New Zealand, is a Maritime NZ qualified and recognised marine surveyor and the first New Zealand representative to join the AIMS board.  

Greg is keen to establish stronger linkages between our Australian and New Zealand membership and surveying community and is looking forward to working with the board to establish these goals.


John Petiquin

John is the Australian Operations Manager for Christy and Griffin Marine Surveyors with over 24 years experience in the shipping industry, the past 10 of those as a Marine Surveyor.  John holds qualifications in transport and logistics, stevedoring and marine surveying.

John has a proven track record of working successfully as an individual and as part of a team throughout his career with a particular focus on upholding marine survey standards and is looking forward to bringing these skills to his role as a board member for the betterment of the institute and the industry as a whole.

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