Peter Murday

Peter is a Master Mariner and holds a Master Class 1 (Unlimited) qualification and became a Marine Surveyor in 1986. Peter is the Managing Director of MCC Marine in Brisbane and has been a member of AIMS since 1992. 

Peter was the Queensland State representative from 2006 to 2011 when he was elected as Vice President and served in this capacity until 2013 when he stood for and was elected President. With the change of corporate structure of the AIMS in 2021 Peter become the first Chairman of the Board.

Peter brings his substantial business acumen to AIMS and is committed to the Institute’s progress as a contemporary organisation.  In particular Peter has stated his desire to grow the membership, expand membership categories and to raise the profile of AIMS within the Australian maritime network by establishing the first professional Certification scheme for marine surveyors. He is also a great advocate  for the younger generation of surveyors and encourages them to have a say. He has worked tirelessly over the past 13 years to develop and implement sound corporate business practices within the Institute to ensure its longevity. 

Peter is responsible for the development of strategic plans in conjunction with the Board and directs the business activities and projects undertaken by the Institute. Peter represents the Institute overall in the media, at external meetings and events as required and directs the day-to-day business activities of the Chief Executive Officer.

Vice Chairman

John Holden

John is the Managing Director of Seaweigh Pty Ltd and commenced his maritime career as a ship builder. He holds a formal trade qualification as a boilermaker and has successfully completed the AIMS Diploma qualification as well as our Dry Bulk and Draft Survey courses. 

John became a member of AIMS in 2009 and was elected as Vice President in 2013 and for the past 5 years has been a vital part of the Executive team.  With the change of corporate structure of the AIMS in 2021 John become the first Vice-Chairman of the Board.

John is an experienced surveyor with over 15 years of experience and is responsible for the oversight of the management of the membership register. The Vice Chairman is also generally responsible for ensuring the maintenance and accurate recording of the register of members and

  • Assisting the Executive Officer with the periodical review and amendment of the membership categories
  • Acting on behalf of the Chairman in his absence 


Andrew Graver

Andrew holds a Master Class 1 (Unlimited) qualification and is a Director of Hunter Marine Surveyors in NSW. He is a past Executive Treasurer and the State Representative for NSW.

Andrew is a firm supporter of the AIMS education arm and sits on the Education and Training subcommittee with the CEO. His commitment to training extends to Hunter Marine Surveyors workplace and he has personally sponsored most of his current employees in their enrolment in AIMS training courses.

Capt. Graver is the Secretary and his role is to monitor the compliance of all board activities and processes in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer.

Chief Executive Officer 

Susan Hull

Susan has worked with AIMS since April 2013 and holds tertiary qualifications in Business Management, Education and Quality and Governance. She has significant senior management experience in industry associations, the vocational educational sector and industry marketing and communications.  

Prior to AIMS, Susan was employed in national and state roles with AMSA, REINSW,  and ASIAL and was the NSW Executive Officer for the Property Services Industry Training Advisory Board. In 2011 she became the Project Lead for the AMSA Marine Surveyor Qualifications and Accreditation reforms and since then has developed the first nationally accredited marine surveyor qualifications for inclusion in the Maritime Training Package.  

As Chief Executive Officer, Susan is responsible for the strategic and day to day operational management of the Institutes' business units including Finance, Marketing and Communications and Industry Education and Training as well as the development of the AIMS Certified Commercial Marine Surveyor TM criteria.  

Under her stewardship the AIMS has been awarded with the Maritime Services Award and the Industry Association award for most turned around association.

About AIMS
The largest industry body in the Australasian region for professional marine surveyors. Established 1986.
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