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ACME MARINE SERVICES INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD: a Western Australian owned and operated marine and cargo surveying company, was established and commenced  - read more here....

BEN WEEDON: BLW Marine personnel hold individual accreditation to provide surveys for vessels registered under the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Domestic Commercial - read more here....

BRIAR MARITIME: Founded in January 1986 by two Master Mariners, Briar Maritime provides the full spectrum of marine surveying services, training & consultancy to our clientele read more here....

CHRIS GIL: WMS MARINE is an independent marine surveying company, showcasing an innovative marine surveys portfolio, committed to providing the highest standards  - read more here....

CRAIG HARRISON, ARGONAUTICA: Argonautica is a well-established proven independent marine consultancy to the shipping, ports and offshore oil and gas industries.  - read more here....

FARO MARINE SERVICES: a South Australian owned and operated marine and cargo surveying company was established on the 4th of March 2000  - read more here....

GOLDEN WEST MARITIME CONSULTING: Golden West Maritime Consulting offers a viable Marine Survey alternative for vessel owners operating in the regional areas of South  - read more here....

HASTINGS MARINE AND ENGINEERING (ERIC MCILWAIN) Hastings Marine and Engineering: was started in July 2013 to supply quality marine surveying services to ship owners and operators in Australia and the Pacific region - read more here....

HOWELLS MARITIME SERVICES: is a Company experienced in the marine industry.  Established in 2006 and based in Cairns, Australia, proprietor Zac Howells is an AMSA Accredited Marine  - read more here....

HUNTER MARINE SURVEYORS:  is an ISO Accredited company dedicated to providing a complete and comprehensive service in all forms of marine surveying.  The reason for our long term and  - read more here....

JERNERT'S MARINE INVESTMENTS PTY LTD: Accredited under the new AMSA accreditation scheme for Commercial steel and aluminium vessels operating in Australian waters - read more here....

MARINE CONSULTING AND SURVEY PTY LTD:  is a South Australian consulting and survey company with global operating capabilities, which can provide a vast range of services - read more here....

MARINECRAFT SURVEY PTY LTD: is committed to providing the highest quality service to its clients. Our Surveyors each have over 25 years’ experience in the maritime industry, we are  - read more here....

MCC MARINE: the Maritime industry is an ever-changing affair, and in the modern era the pace of this change is only emphasized. The ability to adapt is unique and above all  - read more here....

MER SOLUTIONS: is a multi-disciplinary professional practice offering specialist maritime and shipping industry solutions, risk management and representation - read more here....

MERCANTILE MARINE PTY LTD: Mercantile Marine Pty Ltd was established in 2003, becoming the parent company of both WA Mercantile Services and Griffith WA Services - read more here....


MIPEC MCS is based in Gladstone, Queensland and part of a group of companies that have been conducting marine surveying for over 25 years servicing Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Port Botany, Port Kembla, Adelaide, Fremantle and all Australian ports -  read more here ...

PLUMLEY PEARSON & WHITE:  the company was established in Brisbane in 1917, and since then has provided general and specific Marine Surveying and Advisory Services of high quality,read more here....

PROPEL MARINE: is a fully integrated marine surveying company, offering services across Australia and abroad. We regard the professionalism of our personnel as the single most  - read more here....

PORTSIDE MARINE PACIFIC:  Portside Marine Pacific was established in 1983 and our expertise and maritime services include Marine Surveying, Compass Adjusting, Marine Salvage, Commercial Diving .. read more here....  

SHIP & CARGO SURVEYORS PTY LTD: As the name suggest, ships and their cargoes are our speciality. We attend at Melbourne Port, Geelong Port and Port of Portland andread more here....

STRONG MARITIME SERVICES:  have over 35 years’ experience in providing maritime consulting services to domestic and international clients. We offer a complete range - read more here....

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