Grievance and Complaints Procedure

Every individual member holds the responsibility for our reputation and it is a requirement of membership and Certification to follow the AIMS code of conduct and to remind others to do so as well.

Our Code of Conduct includes a Grievance and Complaint mechanism and both AIMS members and members of the public should refer to our complaints procedures if they feel they have been unjustly or unfairly treated or are unsatisfied with the service provided by an AIMS member.

The recreational marine survey sector is largely unregulated and therefore has no governing body to regulate the qualification, experience or professional and ethical practice of marine surveyors. AIMS internally regulates the professional conduct of our members and deals with all complaints promptly, seriously and confidentially.

Our capacity as a professional association in disciplinary procedures are restricted to internal actions within the scope of an association offering membership status.  We do not have the power to act on behalf of a third party nor demand members pay monies due to other parties.

You should submit a complaint to AIMS if:

  • The Marine Surveyor is a current AIMS financial member; and 
  • has not complied with discussed and agreed arrangements/costs; and/or
  • has not provided an appropriate service; and if
  • you have made a complaint directly to a Marine Surveyor involved; and
  • you have received a response which does not resolve your issue

What happens when I make a complaint to AIMS?

  • AIMS will respond to you by acknowledging receipt of the complaint 
  • AIMS will undertake internal investigative action to determine if the member has breached the AIMS Code of Conduct in their professional practice
  • AIMS will take action deemed appropriate from the outcomes of our investigations.  
  • Such actions may impact the surveyors level of membership or membership status with AIMS

AIMS may contact you to seek further information.

We may recommend you contact another organisation if AIMS is not the appropriate party to deal with your complaint. 

Due to privacy laws we are unable to advise of the outcome of any internal investigation to the complainant unless directed to do so via law or with the permission of the member in question.

If you wish to proceed with your complaint, please download and complete the AIMS Grievance and Complaint form and return to Dr Eric Perez, AIMS CEO either by email to

The CEO will review your complaint and initiate any further action required and will advise you in writing of the status of your complaint.

Download here:

AIMS Grievance and Complaint form

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