Membership Levels

 AIMS membership is available to a wide range of surveyors as well as affiliated trades and specialist fields.   
Below is a summary of each level of membership:

 Life Member         

Are appointed by the Board
Are Fellow, Certified of Full Members who have made an outstanding contribution to the marine surveying profession and to the Institute over a significant period of time
Are voting members

Fellow Member       

Are appointed by the Board
Are Full or Certified Members how have made a significant contribution to the profession and
Have at least 10 years experience as a Marine Surveyor
Are voting members

Certified Member

Fulfils all the requirements for Full Membership plus
Provides yearly evidence of their business quality management system and insurance requirements and
Upholds the standards and industry ethics set forth by the Board for members
Are voting members

Full Member     

Has a minimum of 2 years current experience working as a Marine Surveyor and
Holds a Diploma of Marine Surveying or
Holds an exemption from the above qualification for industry specialists
Are voting members

Associate Member                                         
Is working as a Marine Surveyor but does not yet hold the minimum experience or qualifications required for Full Membership
Are not voting members
    Student Member

    Is enrolled in a Diploma of Marine Surveying but is not currently working as a Marine Surveyor

    About AIMS
    The largest industry body in the Australasian region for professional marine surveyors. Established 1986.
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