The survey code letters shown against a Members name are identified below. They are intended as a guide to any person using this Members list. The code letters shown against a Member's name have been supplied by the Member concerned, who accepts all responsibility for the accuracy of the information. The listing of a code letter indicates that the Member considers that he/she is competent to carry out the types of survey/s indicated. The Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information displayed or for its use by any party.

Cargo Loading and Discharge

 General, breakbulk and container packed  A1
 RoRo including Motor Vehicles  A2
 Grain (accredited surveyor)  A3
 Bulk including Hold preparation  A4
 Oils and chemicals including tank preparation  A5 


 Draught surveys                                               A6
 Trimming surveys  A7

Classification Societies

 Exclusive and non-exclusive  B


 Commonwealth and State governments including ISPS Code  C1
 Port/ State Control and/ or ISM Inspection Audits  C2
 Flag State Inspections (must provide evidence of inspections)  C3   

Certified Commercial Marine Surveyor™

 CCMS                                                                                   CCMS

Compass Adjusting

 Compass Adjusting                             D 

Dive Survey
 Dive Survey and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)                        DS  

Condition of ocean-going vessels

 Including damage                                              E1 
 Machinery including damage  E2

Marine Insurers including P & I Clubs

 Cargo including machinery in transit              F1 
 Hulls  F2
 Machinery  F3

Maritime Lawyers 

Maritime Lawyers including Expert Witness  G  

On/Off - Hire

 Ocean-going Vessels   H1
 Containers including Damage                             H2

Salvage or Towage

 Salvage or Towage                     J  

Domestic Commercial Vessels

 Tugs, Barges, Fishing Vessels, Passenger Ferries & Cargo Vessels up to 65 meters     K1       
 Pre-purchase and damage   K2
 Small craft and recreational vessel statutory surveys  K3  


 Electrical (must be a qualified electrician with marine experience)  L      


 DPS Surveys  M1  
 Off shore rigs and support vessels                                            M2

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