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13 Oct 2021 7:47 AM | The Institute (Administrator)

Engaging a Marine Surveyor within the recreational market for the first time can feel like rolling the dice.  There is limited reliable information for consumers to enable them to make an informed choice, know their rights and understand what the responsibilities of the marine surveyor are. Coupled with this is the many separate disciplines within marine surveying, making it difficult to establish what standard of service should be expected.  

For too long consumers, and marine surveyors themselves, have been baffled with the structure of the profession and with what constitutes a ‘professional’ marine surveyor.  The Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors (AIMS), the peak industry body for marine surveyors in Australasia, recognised a need for change.  A need for consumers to be equipped with the right information to give them clarity in their choice of surveyor.  A need for an improvement in the standards and professional practices by marine surveyors across all sectors.

In 2018 AIMS answered the call for change, taking on the challenge of Certifying surveyors who are experienced and qualified in their field and conduct their business and practice to the standards expected of a ‘professional’.

AIMS already had tiers of membership and a rigorous application process in place for their 400 plus members.  Taking membership to the next level by offering Certification gave an opportunity for applying members to stand out in a class of their own.   

To date AIMS has almost 100 members who have successfully achieved Certification with many more working through the requirements to reach this elite level.  It is a huge win for the marine survey industry to have so many surveyors committing to raising and maintaining the level of professionalism amongst marine surveyors. 

What does Certification mean to a marine surveyor?

Certification is an optional application process; a quality system where surveyors and surveying organisations undertaken yearly auditing and verification of their professional experience and qualifications, insurance coverage and business management systems and processes.  If they pass, surveyors are awarded with Certification as a Certified Commercial Marine Surveyor™, an accreditation recognised and respected within the industry.

What does Certification mean to a consumer?

By choosing an AIMS Certified Commercial Marine Surveyor™, consumers can have confidence that their surveyor holds sufficient qualification and experience to undertake the marine survey tasks advertised, maintain their business practices to a minimum ISO 9001 accredited quality industry standard, and hold adequate insurance coverage in case something doesn’t go to plan.  

How do you know if you surveyor is AIMS Certified?

Certified Commercial Marine Surveyors™ are exclusively eligible to advertise their Certification with the CCMS logo.  This logo is a stamp of quality, if your surveyor is displaying this logo, you know you have made a great choice.  If you can’t find a local Certified surveyor, AIMS can help.  All Certified surveyors are advertised on their website www.aimsurveyors.com.au or give them a call and they can assist you in the process 02 6232 6555.

In the event you are not happy with your survey experience, you can provide feedback directly to AIMS via these channels also. The goal of Certification is to raise and uphold the standards of the marine survey industry.  If a Certified Surveyor has not provided the quality service expected, AIMS would like to know.

AIMS has answered the call and risen to the challenge; a solid certification platform has emerged.  In moving a traditional industry sector into a more contemporary model AIMS is working to protect consumers through higher quality and improved standards from marine surveyors who are clearly in a class of their own.  

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