How well do you know your surveyor?

30 Mar 2022 8:46 AM | The Institute (Administrator)

Few would argue that a quality boat survey involves a vast degree of technical knowledge and industry experience from the marine surveyor.  When engaging a surveyor, you are looking for peace of mind not only in the condition and integrity of your potential purchase, but also that your family and friends are going to be safe onboard.  There’s a lot riding on the outcome of a survey, and choosing the right surveyor is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Did you know that within the recreational boating industry in Australia, there is no minimum requirement of qualifications and/or training required for marine surveyors?  There is also no licencing or regulatory body verifying a surveyor’s credentials.  The recreational survey industry is self-regulated, a fact unknown by many, but vitally important to consider when engaging a surveyor for the first time.

What does it mean to be a self-regulated industry?

Within the industry it is up to the members of the industry to monitor their own professional and ethical standards. There is no independent regulator setting the minimum standard and monitoring compliance. There is no oversight of the actual qualification of an individual to carry out a particular survey. Therefore, there is also minimal protection for consumers engaging a surveyor who may be unaware of this important fact.

Perhaps you already knew this, or perhaps this comes as quite a surprise, but either way knowing this still doesn’t help in choosing the right surveyor for you.

Avoid that sinking feeling!

The good news is the Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors (AIMS) can assist in taking the guesswork out of choosing an independent ‘professional surveyor’.  AIMS are the peak industry body for marine surveyors in our region with members throughout Australia, almost 500 in fact.  To become a member of AIMS, surveyors must provide evidence of qualifications and experience and are awarded levels of membership based on this.  

All members must adhere to a Code of Professional Practice and comply with requirements of yearly professional development activities to maintain their membership - you wouldn’t expect anything less from a professional.  AIMS have even taken the next step to provide Certification to highly qualified members who also submit to a yearly audit of their professional insurance and business management systems. The absolute peace of mind!

What does all this mean for you?

 AIMS is setting the framework of regulation lacking elsewhere within the recreational survey industry, allowing you to make an informed choice in your next marine surveyor.

Want to know if your surveyor is a member of AIMS?  Why not ask them, each member will hold a Certificate of Membership and/or Membership stamp which are issued yearly.  Or contact the team at AIMS to check if your surveyor is a member or to locate a member in your area. Visit our website or phone 02 6232 6555.  

What’s more, if you are thinking of visiting the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show this year, come and say hello.  We’ll be there with some of our members to answer all your survey related questions.

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