The Federal government Export Control (Plants and Plant Products) Orders 2011 (“ECO”) require that prior to loading bulk grain in Australia a ship has to be inspected by a marine surveyor to ensure that the ship is suitable to carry the intended grain. 

‘Grain’ is defined as including barley, canola, chickpeas, dried field peas, faba beans, lentils, lupins, oats, sorghum, soybeans, split vetch, whole vetch and wheat. The inspection is to determine that the ship is free from conditions that could result in contaminating, wetting or imparting an odour to the grain.

The qualifications for a marine surveyor prescribed by the ECO are:

  • he or she must hold either a Certificate of Competency as Master Class 1 (Unrestricted) or its current equivalent; OR a Diploma in Marine Surveying which includes a module on dry bulk cargoes issued by a nationally accredited training establishment; AND
  • he or she must have inspected at least 10 ships for suitability to carry prescribed grain or prescribed goods for consumption over a maximum period of 2 years while in the company of a marine surveyor having the qualifications referred to in paragraph (a); AND
  • in the 3 years prior to the proposed survey, he or she must have surveyed at least 3 ships for suitability to carry prescribed grain or prescribed goods for consumption

Until early 2008 AWB Ltd. as the sole wheat exporter, kept a list of accredited marine surveyors who met the then current qualifications. With the changes in the wheat export system AWB Ltd. is no longer the sole wheat exporter and no longer maintains a list of accredited marine surveyors.

AIMS has compiled the following list of grain surveyors, for the use of the grain export and shipping industries. The list is based on the AWB Ltd. list as compiled at the beginning of 2008. All marine surveyors on that list were invited to place their names on the following list. Any other marine surveyor who has produced documents to show that he/she meets the ECO qualifications has been added to the list. 

At the end of each calendar year all surveyors on the list are asked for documents to confirm that they have complied with the ECO requirement in regard to the number of grain surveys carried out over the previous three years.

The Institute has a written Code of Practice for Grain Surveys and expects all of its members to carry out their grain surveys in accordance with that code.

Download the current list of accredited qualified grain surveyors 

April 2018 Web-site list of grain surveyors.pdf

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